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Apologetics, Biblical Studies, and Biographies

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          A Moron's Guide to the End of the World
          Partners in God's Grand Plan
          A Person of Substance
          A User's Manual for the Bible
 Anselm Writes Again
          Back from the Brink
          Between Christ and Muhammed

          Mohammed's Believe it or Else!
          Since He Wrote About Me

          The World's Last Emperor

These two works listed below are for sale by Koinonia House and its affiliate Koinonia Institute. Proceeds further its work.

          I, Jesus: an Autobiography
          Mary: Ten Test Questions for the World's Finest Woman

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Politics, Jurisprudence, and Constitutional Law


Global Telecommunications


Oh my! Not to mention more than half of humanity dead by the direct judgmental wrath  of God. Yes, the end of the world can be a bit hard to understand for the average mortal human being.

Maybe you’re one of those folks. Maybe you’re downright confused when it comes to studying what the Bible has to say about the future and how the end of the world is described in astonishing, frightening detail.

But it’s written in code. Symbolic code. Hard to understand code. Are you looking for answers?

ISV Foundation Executive Director Dr. William Welty has provided A Moron’s Guide to the End of the World, where he explains what the End of Days is all about in plain, simple language that anyone can understand, but with a depth of scholarship that just may astonish you.

By the time you’ve finished reading A Moron’s Guide to the End of the World, you’ll even understand what those horses and dragons and snakes are all about.

This work is available in electronic format as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
USD$24.95 532 pages
ISBN: : 978-1-891833-48-9

Sometimes, God takes you where you never intended to go...

Does this describe you? Did you start life thinking you’re headed in one direction? But you quickly discovered that you’ve headed straight into what seems like a shipwreck of dashed hopes and dreams. Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, it suddenly dawned on you that God intends your life to be turned upside down. One minute you say to yourself, “I’m following God’s direction. I’m in the center of his will.” But the next thing you know, you’ve gone straight from one disaster into another. And it feels like there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. If this predicament sounds like what you’ve been going through, maybe it’s time you took a good, long look at the book of Ruth. In Partner’s in God’s Grand Plan, biblical expositor and theologian Dr. William Welty explains how Ruth and Nomi walked through dark times to become the hinge point around which events leading to Israel’s Messiah would turn. Along the way, both of them received nothing they wanted, but they received everything they desired.
This work is available in electronic format as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
USD$14.95 182 pages
200 pages
ISBN: 978-1-891833-13-7

Do you hope to grow up before you grow old...?

Dr. Ansdell and I have crafted a marvelous book that if followed faithfully, shows us how to effectively use God’s Word to become more like Christ. Insightful questions in each chapter provide for an eye opening spiritual checkup.
Like a personal trainer who motivates us to get in shape physically, A Person of Substance motivates us to get in shape spiritually. The topical layout of the book makes it excellent for bible studies, church classes or simply reading in bed. As a church resource, A Person of Substance would be a valuable tool for every member. Most churches provide no training in holy living beyond the weekly service, but members might have to wait months or years before the pastor addresses the particular area where a member needs help and guidance. By adopting A Person of Substance as a guide for new and current church members, churches could advance their training of the men and women who could turn to whatever chapter addresses their current needs.

This work is available in electronic format as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
USD$14.95 182 pages
ISBN: 978-1-891833-55-7

Are you living what you believe?

In today’s world, there’s a good chance that your knowledge of the Bible is less than stellar. Maybe you’re one of those people who demand that the Ten Commandments should be posted in court room hallways. But you couldn’t recite them in their biblical order if your life depended on your ability to do so. If this situation describes you, maybe you need to read A User’s Manual for the Bible. In this work, we present a succinct summary of all 66 books of the Bible, along with a comprehensive outline of the contents. The material is derived from the Holy Bible: International Standard Version, produced by the ISV Foundation of Bellflower, California. So you can do your own study of the Bible, a magnificent volume that was penned by dozens of writers over nearly 15 centuries.

This work is available in electronic format as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
USD$14.95 318 pages

Only an idiot believes God would ever become a human being...

But Christians claim that the Creator of the Universe clothed himself in mortal human flesh as Jesus of Nazareth. Christians have said for centuries that he will bear his human form forever in his resurrected, glorified state. Debates about this subject aren’t new, of course. About one thousand years ago Anselm, the Archbishop of Canterbury, tackled this thorny subject in a remarkable essay called Cur Deus Homo. Today, in the 21st century, we re-examine Anselm’s classic theological apologetic in a fresh, new way. By the time you’ve finished reading Anselm Writes Again, you’ll know how, why, and to what end God became a mortal human being in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the most remarkable man who ever walked the face of the earth.

This work is available in electronic format as a Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
USD$14.95 300 pages

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

So goes that well-worn cultural proverb. When it comes to the public posture taken by the United States government about all things relating to the faith and practice of Christian believers, things definitely need fixing. Federal, state, and municipal government attitudes and behavior toward believers needs to change. We need to come back from the brink of total destruction of traditional family values and from the looming prohibition by government of our desires to express our faith by our family values. In Back from the Brink: Reaffirming the Marriage Covenant to Correct Practices by People of Faith that led to Obergefell v. Hodges, we examine America’s embrace, through the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, of a “legal” justification for same-sex marriage. Along the way, we present a guide on coming Back from the Brink to embrace anew a reaffirmation of the marriage covenant between one man and one woman.

This work is available in electronic format as an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
ISBN: 978-1-891833-12-0
284 pages

An introduction to the most demonic religion active today on planet earth

Now, a number of conservative scholars have pooled together their research efforts to produce Between Christ and Mohammad, a comprehensive analysis of Islam, portions of its unholy book the Qur’an, and Islam’s equally demonic Hadith. Exhaustively researched by the late Dr. Gleason Archer, Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages and Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, by Dr. Robert Morey, by Charles and William Welty, and with a Foreword by Dr. Chuck Missler, Between Christ and Mohammad explains the background and the dangers of Islam. Originally produced in limited quantities for distribution to a select group of agents employed by a U.S. government 3-letter agency that will not be named here, this work was produced in memory of and was specially dedicated to Shannon Spann, whose husband Johnny Michael Spann was the first hostile action fatality of America’s military response to the events of September 11, 2001. The book’s editor Dr. William Welty knew Shannon when she was active as president of a Christian law school located in southern California before she began her work as a counter-terrorism agent for the federal government.

This book is available in electronic format as a Adobe Acrobat® PDF file.
USD$14.95 288 pages

Let's tell the truth about Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religious movement in the United States and Europe. How can concerned citizens combat the rise is Islam? Simply by telling the truth about Islam — and we mean all the truth about Islam — in a way that our young people can easily understand it. It’s a comic book! In Mohammed’s Believe It or Else!, author and illustrator Abdullah Aziz takes the actual teachings of Mohammed from the Qur’an and the Hadith (the “inspired” commentary on the Qur’an) and illustrates them in a comic book. This is the FREE 5-language edition (English, Farsi, Kurdish, Spanish, and Urdu) in electronic format as a zipped archive of an Adobe Acrobat® PDF files, and a Power Point presentations. Please note that you will need to utilize your own ZIP file archive extractor to do this. If you do not own one, please click here for a link to a free program that will do this for you. Readers are encouraged to print and distribute these books. No licensing is required.

5-language package: 28 pages each, full color, press ready

He said it couldn't be broken

Jesus the Messiah trusted the Hebrew Scriptures of his day. That’s why Christians have claimed for centuries that the collection of 66 books we call The Bible is reliable with respect to what it affirms, correct in its history of God’s dealings with his universe and with humanity, historically accurate regarding its doctrinal teachings, and utterly trustworthy as a guide for day-to-day life. But frankly, every generation has had its share of doubters. Maybe you’re one of them… So today, in Since He Wrote About Me, we tackle the thorny subject of the reliability of the Scriptures—by inviting Jesus of Nazareth himself to talk in his very own words about the authenticity, reliability, and historical accuracy of the Bible that he read and about which he taught. We demonstrate what Jesus the Messiah believed about the Bible. Specifically, we’ve counted 57 separate conclusions about the Hebrew Scriptures with which Jesus would have been familiar during the early part of the first century AD. We’ve studied every account recorded in the New Testament in which Jesus the Messiah resorted to a quotation or citation of a portion of the Hebrew Scriptures during his discussions with his disciples or in argument with the Jewish leaders of his day. We’ve also include all references to biblical figures or events to which Jesus alluded in the New Testament. By the time you’ve finished reading Since He Wrote about Me, you’ll have learned precisely what the world’s most famous rabbi had to say about this remarkable book we call The Bible, a collection of literary works by dozens of different authors who wrote over a period of hundreds of years.

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Chances are, what you thought
you knew about the end of the
world is a lie.

It won’t be caused by a comet collision. Or by an ice age. Or by climate change. The world’s last super power isn’t going to be the United States. Or the European Union. Or Russia. Or China. And it won’t be a worldwide Islamic caliphate. As a matter of fact, when the end of this age arrives, the world won’t even be ruled by a democratic republic. Jesus of Nazareth claimed that the world’s last super power would be Israel, with himself sitting on the throne of that nation state as its Messiah-King. He Jerusalem will be the international capital city of the entire world. And that it will remain that way forever. How all of this will come about is described in The World’s Last Emperor. When you’ve finished reading The World’s Last Emperor, you’ll have received an overview of the most comprehensive executive briefing ever given on the doctrine of last things by the most remarkable rabbi who ever walked the face of the earth.

Available for download in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format only.
238 pages. USD$14.95.
ISBN: 978-1-89133-01-4

For Sale by Koinonia House 

It's time to set the record straight

Click here to orderThat's because, chances are, Jesus isn’t who most of the world thinks he is. No matter what you may have read before about this first century rabbi from Nazareth, there’s a good possibility that the average reader has been misinformed.  In fact, maybe you’ve been wrong from the start about the most amazing man who ever walked the surface of the earth. Many people who knew Jesus understood him well enough to admire him, to respect him, and to love him. Others were terrified of him. Some of his own relatives said he was out of his mind. But the politically and religiously intolerant leaders of first century Israel hated him. So they murdered him. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Not by a long shot. Today, more than twenty centuries later, Dr. Chuck Missler and I have brought Jesus of Nazareth to you in the most unconventional way possible… by bringing Jesus of Nazareth to talk in his very own words about himself, his purpose, his nature, and his mission. This book is published by Koinonia Institute. Click on the book image, above left, to order.

The World's Finest Woman...

Born in obscurity to a distant descendant of Israel’s magnificent King David, Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, was honored by the Creator of the Universe to be the person through whom God himself would visit his own Creation. More than twenty centuries have come and gone since a teenaged virgin became the mother of God’s incarnate Son. So today, more than twenty centuries later, we've pulled back the dusty curtain of historically inaccurate tradition and introduced you to the utterly magnificent character of Mary, the mother of the Messiah, as she struggles to pass Ten Test Questions for the World’s Finest Woman. In this analysis of every passage recorded in the New Testament in which she is mentioned, you’ll learn why Mary, the mother of the Rabbi from Nazareth, rose from literal obscurity to become one of the most pivotal figures in all of human history.

Published by Koinonia House of Reporoa, New Zealand

Free Downloads

Politics, Jurisprudence, and Constitutional Law

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat's ReaderLetter of Counsel to Her Excellency Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

This is a copy of correspondence from us to Angela Merkel at the request of a member of the Christian Democratic union (a conservative political party to which Dr. Merkel belongs). It builds on our 2014 letter to Republic of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni regarding same-sex relationships to suggest a system of jurisprudence and crafting of a biblically-based political response to demands from the LBGT community to recognize same-sex marriage as a legally valid marriage option.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat's Reader18 Questions America's Next Secretary of State Should Ask

This essay rather pointedly discusses the myth of the existence of "Palestine" as a nation and "Palestinians" as a national group. It does so by positing 18 specific questions regarding the myth of Palestine and contrasts the answers to these questions with the reality of Israel.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat's ReaderOn the Validity of the State of Israel

This is essay addresses a position paper and public policy recommendation prepared for the Calvary Chapel churches of New Zealand in response to a series of statements made by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon accusing Israel of international war crimes due to that nation's military response to Muslim aggression during the summer of 2014. PowerPoint presentation presented in Coeur d'Alene, ID 23 October 2015

On the Need for a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

This is a position paper and follow-on blog discussing why the Edward Snowden Affair prompts the need for a 28th amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It was first published by Koinonia House eNews on 16 July 2013 and on the Koinonia Institute's Strategic Trends web site.



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An Evangelical Response to Sarah Harris' Presentation Entitled The NT and Same-Sex Relationships

This paper rebuts a position paper presented by Dr. Sarah Harris of Carey Baptist College of Auckland New Zealand in mid-September 2012.

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On the Jewish Community's Rendering of Et-Asher Formulae in the Tanakh (JPS 1917, et al.)

This paper addresses a problematic translation of Zechariah 12:10 by the Jewish Publication Society's 1917 edition of Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures and four other English language renderings of that passage produced by the Jewish community. We show how Jewish scholars depart from their own consistency by rendering the Hebrew relative pronoun Et-Asher with causal force, an impossible construction given the grammatical context of the passage.

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Emigration to the High Countries: Converting Wealth to the Coin of the Future Kingdom

This paper discusses principles of charitable giving.

Read this paper online.

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On Marital Dysfunction in Jacob's Family

This paper addresses how the meaning of the names given to Jacob's twelve children illustrates the dysfunctional relationship between Rachel, Leah, and Jacob.

Read this paper online.

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Rethinking the Veil: On First Corinthians 11:2-16

This paper addresses a commonly misunderstood passage in the Apostle Paul's first letter to Corinth regarding the veiling of women. This paper has been cited on the internet in the Bible commentary on First Corinthians and in Alexander Lehrman's Questions, Insights, and Responses column entitled Q&A #132: I Corinthians 11:2-16Paul Regarding Women Covering Their Heads, which also is published on the website.

Read this paper online.

The Remarkable Claims of Christ (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

Christmas Myth-Conceptions (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

Muslim Apologetics

Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an

In early January 2007, Muslim Keith Ellison was sworn into the US House of Representatives using Thomas Jefferson's personal copy of the Qur'an, which was loaned to him by the Library of Congress. Why did Jefferson even need to own a copy of the Qur'an? Well now, there's a story behind that story, so to speak, and this essay tells the fascinating history behind how it came about that the first international mission of America's first blue water war machine, the USS Constitution, went to war under Jefferson's orders—against Barbary Pirate Muslims that were threatening the world of the early 1800's.

Global Telecommunications

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On Utilization of the W-Band High Frequency Electromagnetic Spectrum for Creation of and Deployment of an Alternative Global Telecommunications Infrastructure.

Dissertation for our Ph.D. in Communications from Louisiana Baptist University, Shreveport, Louisiana (2005)



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